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"I don't hate you. Well, actually, I kind of do..."

A music video that has gone viral in Israel in the last couple of days captures well some of the more widely expressed feelings many of the players on all sides have.

In these tumultuous times, one of the things are are seeking to provide in Israel from the Inside is a look at some of the issues, personalities, ideas, and even signs, songs and other cultural expressions that provide a window on what Israel is today, and which are for the most part not being covered in the English press. Remember — we’re not taking a stand on these views … we’re seeking to provide a window into Israeli life that is difficult to get if you’re not here and/or now able to read the Hebrew press.

Today, we begin with a music video that went viral a few days ago. I haven’t been able to track down the identity of the person who released the video in the tweet below,

and have asked numerous people who know the scene better than I do — and none of them could help. But given that the tweet says, in the latter sentence, “I hope that this will touch many people and do good for the Jewish people,” it felt very much in keeping with the poster’s wishes to share this with you, and to make it accessible by adding English subtitles.

If anyone has information about the origin of the video, please share it with me, so we can give full credit.

Sharing this video is a kind of prelude to tomorrow’s column, in which we will discuss the more-common-than-you-might-think suggestion that the way to solve Israel’s present crisis is to …

… divide the Jewish State into two countries.

That column, tomorrow, will be available in part to everyone and in full to paid subscribers.

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Obviously, splitting Israel into two countries is totally unworkable, and it’s likely that neither side would survive. What’s certain is that the side that most identifies with the government now would have zero chance of surviving. So we will share what people are saying about this idea not because it’s a plan, but because it’s a cry from the heart — an indication of how broken things here feel to many.

So here’s what we have planned for this week (subject to changes as the new cycle requires):

  • Sunday (today): the music video above, “I don’t hate,” which more or less shows how much people do hate, even if they are trying not to.

  • Monday: a column on the numerous suggestions that it’s time for Israel to split into two countries.

  • Tuesday: a podcast (available to everyone) with the founder of Jeremy’s Circle, an organization that provides support to the children of families who have a family member struggling with a critical disease.

  • Wednesday: a podcast (available in full to paid subscribers) with the founders of The Thinker’s Distillery, a distillery in Jerusalem that you’ve likely never heard of, which has a distinctly start-up-nation vibe.

  • Thursday: Israel tragically lost a brave, creative Israeli-Arab educator on Friday, when Dr. Dalia Fadila drowned off the Herzliya beach. When we ran our podcast with Dalia almost two years ago, many listeners were deeply moved. Many readers and listeners have joined us since then, so on Thursday, in her memory, we will re-run that interview, providing access to everyone.

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