The Jerusalem Civilian Command Center

How did the "Hamal" open as early as Shabbat afternoon on October 7th? How did it grow to 5,000 volunteers now, and what does it do?

As many sources have noted, one of the astounding stories of the last two horrific weeks has been the extraordinary way in which the citizens not in the army, which Israel called the oref or the “Home Front,” have quickly mobilized to provide services that the government couldn’t.

We hear, above, from a Senior at Shalem College, Seri Frumkin, on her involvement and through that, more about the Hamal, and below, we provide a video prepared by the Hamal itself.

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The following video was prepared the the Hamal itself:

A few quick photos I took when I was at the Hamal on Tuesday. TOP LEFT, one of the command center rooms. TOP RIGHT the “store” (where everything is free) where families can come and pick up clothes, toiletries, toys and games, children’s books and muchore. BOTTOM LEFT another one of the command center rooms, and BOTTOM RIGHT some “military light” materials for soldiers.

As explained above, Shalem College is making use of it financial instracture to help the Hamal collect funds, and to get 100% of the funds to the Hamal immediately. To support the Hamal, use the link immediately below. There is a place on the web page to note that you want your contribution to be directed to the war effort.

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Israel from the Inside with Daniel Gordis
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