The UK' s useful idiots are out in force, as the Islamist entryism now spreading has completed its seduction of the left, much of the MSM, nearly all of academia and our witless public sector.

Many of us, the silent majority, are firmly on the side of Israel, its people and this existential struggle; we offer support to our beleaguered Jewish communities,as they confront, daily, the ancient ugly hatred.

We are disgusted,alarmed and fear for the future of stability, cohesion and our relationship with the Middle East's only democracy.

A resurgent entitled and rapidly growing Islamism, buoyed by governments grants, vociferous Imams and the recently exposed- thanks to our Daily Telegraph and Spiked- advisers employed by the Crown Prosecution Service, the Met Police and the Ministry of Defence, is gradually gaining the upper hand by means of agitprop and weight of numbers.

Am Yisrael chai 🇮🇱🇮🇱

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No. They are better at “logomachy” (the battle of words) than we are.

They tell the world we are “occupiers” but Jews have been indigenous in the land for over three millennia.

They say Israel is an “apartheid state” though it is full of Israeli-Arabs and other minorities, while under PA rule, Christian Palestinian life has dwindled, and Arafat insisted that the PA be Judenrein.

They say Israel is committing a “genocide.” Yet the population of Palestinians grows year over year. And It is the Palestinians who preach the eradication of Jews.

75-year-old cities are still called “refugee camps.”

The world distinguishes between ‘terrorists’ and ‘civilians,’ while these innocent civilians call Hamas, Fatah, IJ…. “Liberators”.

I can go on and on. The “two-state solution” and the “peace process” were adopted by Arafat as a means to liberate the land from Jews in a piecemeal fashion.

The Palestinians are not only butchers of people, they are butchers of language, and the BBC, CNN, UN, EU, even the US government is complicit. The adoption of mislabels is not simply naïveté, but is often the result of active collaboration. These are classic Orwellian crimes against language perpetuated against the Jewish people.

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Thank you for the news, the accuracy, the reality. We all need it.

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Complacency has been a thorn in our side since the Exodus. We must not only believe but trust in ourselves as a Nation. Internal politics was put aside in Israel after the massacre on 10/7; not so in the Diaspora. The world’s very short memory has forgotten the origins this battle - simply the right of the State of Israel to live freely and securely within its borders. No other narrative is needed. The point must be made wherever freedom exists, that the Israeli army is a “defense” force- which had an unfortunate period of complacency. The threat is now being addressed. Unity has been restored. The Jewish diaspora must similarly adopt that approach and not be brainwashed by media - social/cable/radio. Schools, synagogues, federations must come together with a template which teaches the true narrative to our children and those who do not know. Now is not the time for complacency.

Am Yisrael Chai, l’ad Olam!!!!!!🇮🇱

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Mr. Gordis could I suggest 75 years after Israel was reborn, or 75 years after the creation of the fourth Jewish state. Either impliedly argues with the Arab myth of settler colonialism without saying so.

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