May be useful to interview someone about the indictment to explain why the bibi indictment are political motivated and given trial judge told prosecutors they don’t have evidence of bribery and maybe they should plea bargain may help the peace process between the two tribes !

I am tired hearing that because bibi was indicted he is guilty and should be removed from office within it a trial

There is a lot of evidence that the right believes the bibi indictment is political motivated

A peace treaty internal between tribes starts with resolving f the bibi issue which requires concessions -ie exonerate bibi and in return he leaves suffice at next election

Sort out a constitution

Resolve public service for Haredi and Arabs etc

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You say that the US survived its crisis, but really, it's not over yet...

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I'm surprised you didn't challenge Offir given that he chose to leave Israel and live in the US, and he made no mention of any intention to move back. And he said that it would be his children's choice whether they serve in the IDF. That's fine but once a parent doesn't have to worry about their children serving, their place in Israeli society is very very different. I'm a dual citizen, but I live in the US. I trust those who live, vote and yes protest in Israel to get this right.

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I've gone to several of the protests Offir has organized; thanks for the fantastic work!

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Please save us Israelis from all the arrogant people who wish to "save" Israel (and I don't care if they are fighter pilots, elite unit soldiers, law professors, "public intellectuals" or high-tech wizards from Herzliyah or (now) Silicon Valley USA) !

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Does this statement give you any pause to reflect?

“ even my older son again, never been involved in Jewish life. We're not going to synagogue, we're not going to others… but now he's part of a Jewish club in his high school and now he's starting it with another friend, an organization called Youth Americans for Israeli Democracy. ”.

No Jewish involvement…just organizing Jews and non-Jewish youth to look at a potentially non-democratic Israel.

This in a country so politically polarized with anti-semitism on the rise and assimilation and intermarriage growing exponentially! Really?!

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