October 7th : a stain on human history; one more to add to the list of horrors.

Here in the UK, public anger and frustration are growing, as yet another march for Palestine is set to go ahead on Saturday, the weekend for Remembrance ceremonies.

Our establishment dithers, appeasement is reaping its shoddy rewards, the Met Police Head Honcho 'begs' the organisers not to go ahead, but cannot quite bring himself to ban it.

One of the leaders is a Hamas UK rep; one Muhammad Sawalha, who now enjoys British citizenship:


We offer to Israel our support, our friendship and our sympathy, even as we face the consequences of Islamist entryism, establishment appeasement and the imminent destabilisation of our society.

We are now confronted by a determined Islamic resurgence,but we do not have Israel's solidarity and chutzpah.


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