Yes, Mr. Gordis, I too read the newspapers here and am living in the State of Israel. Once again, you are warning us of the "ominous crisis" facing us, and the proposed judicial reforms "that have brought the country to an unprecedently dangerous moment". You also believe that the present Israeli government is "undermining our social cohesion and democratic values" and have gone so far as to tell American Jews that it is their " responsibility" to oppose this government (because that is "love"?), because you yourself wish wholeheartedly for the demise of the Netanyahu government.

No. Mr. Gordis, those who are pushing Israel to the "precipice" and an "ominous criisis" are those who believe that because of their place and their position, it is their right to block highways, close down the airport, or anytthing else they think will help to topple the present government. No, the judicial reform is only a sideshow to them, since if they were truly concerned about "democracy", they would be quite cogent of the fact that the judicial establishment here has taken powers far and above what would be considered democratic norms in most other democracies (including the USA). These same people who also claim they want the state to be "Jewish" are the first ones to scream "religious coercion" when proposals to increase Jewish learning in state secular schools are tabled!

I need not "understand" reservists who threaten to not serve because they simply do not like this government and/or Netanyahu and I can just imagine what would have happened to me in the past had I publicly called for my reserve unit to not serve because of my dislike of a certain government or policy!

No, Mr. Gordis, those who are "undermining our society's cohesion and democratic values" are not the majority of the country who elected the present government (including 60% of the Jewish electorate), but rather those who insist that it is their right to drag Israel through the mud unless and until the government is toppled, and are willing to do anything and I mean anything, to achieve that goal, screaming ad nauseum "De-mo-krat-ya"!

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I understand Mr. Gordis that you are now going to "remove me" from your site since I am not a "happy reader"(!), since apparently, "happy readers" are those who agree with your take on the issues at hand! It would have been nice to hear even a short rebuttal by you to the points I made, but seeing as how this site is yours and you are free to do as you like, I guess it is far easier to just remove someone with a dissenting voice.

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