Mar 8 • 9M

"If the judicial review passes in this form, couldn't the Knesset, by a vote of 61, close mosques, Reform synagogues?" (excerpt)

Or by a vote of 80, delay the next elections for fifteen years (or whatever it decided)? In this part of our conversation, Prof Koppel acknowledged that is possible, but has a response.

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This week, we continue our conversation with Professor Moshe Koppel, Chairman of the Kohelet Policy Forum, which has been one of the primary forces shaping the proposed judicial overhaul legislation and pushing for its passage. A number of weeks ago, we hosted Professor Yaniv Roznai of Reichman University, who explained in great detail why he believes that the proposed Judicial Reform will end Israel’s democracy. This week and last are our opportunity to hear the opposing viewpoint.

As part of our conversation, I asked Professor Koppel if, were the currently proposed legislation to pass, it would be possible for the Knesset to close all mosques or non-Orthodox synagogues, with no Court to push back. He acknowledged that it could. Similarly, I noted, by a vote of 80 Knesset members, the Knesset could extend its own term as much as it wanted, and again the Courts would have no power to intervene.

Professor Koppel acknowledged that both of those scenarios would be possible under the legislation that Justice Minister Yariv Levin and Constitution Committee Chairman Simcha Rothman are pushing, but he of course had an explanation of why he isn’t worried.

Agree with him or not, you’ll learn a lot.

The link above will take you to a brief excerpt of our conversation; the full conversation, along with a transcript for those who prefer to read, are being made available today to paid subscribers to Israel from the Inside.

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