Nov 14, 2021 • 39M

Mekudeshet -- Jerusalem's Season of Culture (public version)

How some social entrepreneurs aim to change Jerusalem -- and Israel -- through the bridge of the arts; a conversation with Karen Brunwasser

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Mekudeshet is an award-winning, cultural organization that creates original art and music to reimagine Jerusalem from a center of conflict into a laboratory for connection between people of all kinds. In this episode, we speak with Karen Brunwasser, a Jerusalem-based civic activist and Chief Strategy Officer for Mekudeshet, to hear about their plan — what do they do, and how do they believe it could change Jerusalem, and perhaps even Israel?

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Music credits: Medieval poem by Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gvirol. Melody and performance by Shaked Jehuda and Eyal Gesundheit. Production by Eyal Gesundheit. To view a video of their performance, see this YouTube:

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