Aug 20, 2021 • 50M

Partnership Through Education: Daniel Gordis in conversation with two leaders of "Hand in Hand"

A conversation with Reem Younis and Dani Elazar

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Reem Younis and Dani Elazar, Board member and CEO, respectively, of Hand in Hand.

Israel faces numerous problems; that much, we all know. What we sometimes aren’t as aware of is all the extraordinary people, in both the Jewish and Arab communities, who are working to make things not just better, but much better.

In this week’s podcast, I speak with Dani Elazar and Reem Younis, who work together in an organization called Hand in Hand — a network of Jewish-Arab schools that’s also anchor to a larger social network of parents, graduates and more.

Dani Elazar, formerly of the tech world, is the CEO; Reem Younis, a very accomplished civil engineer and businesswoman, an Israeli Palestinian, is on the Board. I met with them both in Nazareth a few weeks ago, and now, we’re making our conversation available to Hand-to Hand’s supporters, as well, as usual, to subscribers to Israel from the Inside.

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