Almost two weeks in, what have we learned? Heroism and love, utter barbarity, and the need to rethink Zionism

Erev Shabbat, three quick clips that touch on those three subjects.

I’d planned to write a column today trying to assess what we’ve learned in these two weeks, what we’re feeling, and what we know we need to think about regarding the future. But everyone here is exhausted, utterly depleted. Few people are sleeping. (But everyone is still doing—volunteering, serving, you name it.)

No one can focus and it’s hard to write.

Yesterday, I ended up giving the interview below to JBS. Since it covered some of the issues I was going to write about, I’m posting the video instead.

Today then, three clips, and we’ll call it a week.

  • The first video, above, on HEROISM AND LOVE, with a father and son duo who rescued their daughter/sister, and with her, dozens of other people.

  • As for the BARBARITY, it needs to be revisited now, and next week, and beyond, because people are starting to say, “Yes, I heard 1,300 people were killed.” That’s just a number. (I think it was Stalin who said that a single death is a tragedy, while a million deaths is a statistic.) That can’t happen here. We’ve put that video, prepared by the IDF, at the bottom, in case you don’t want to watch it. It’s graphic, but so was what happened. I think we owe it to the victims to be willing to know what they went through.

  • And the RETHINKING ZIONISM is the JBS video, immediately below.

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Below, at the very bottom, we have repeated the information on how to donate to the Jerusalem Civilian Command Center, which was the subject of our post yesterday.

And now, the IDF video, taken from GoPros and cameras that the Hamas murderers had on them, and footage from first responders showing what they found.

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I don’t know who Yaakov Schreiber is, but he got it precisely right. Here’s a sentiment that many of us have heard in recent days, time and again.

With prayers for a quiet Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom.

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