Jan 17, 2022 • 38M

What motivates a tiny country to offer assistance after disasters across the globe?

A conversation with Yotam Polizer, CEO of IsraAID

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Yotam Polizer (photo courtesy YP)

Welcome to Israel from the Inside. Israel from the Inside is for people who want to understand Israel and Israelis, away from all the toxicity of the headlines. It’s for people who believe that Israel is neither hopelessly flawed nor beyond critique, but rather, a fascinating stage on which the Jewish people is working to recreate itself.

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In this week’s episode, we’re in conversation with Yotam Polizer, the CEO of IsraAid.

Founded in 2001 as a coalition of Israeli organizations working in disaster relief and international development, IsraAID has grown into an independent NGO and the largest humanitarian aid organization in Israel. From earthquakes and hurricanes to epidemics and forced displacement, IsraAID has been at the forefront of responding to major humanitarian crises worldwide. It has worked in more than 50 countries and at any one time has around 300 staff members worldwide.

How did this phenomenon of a tiny country reaching out to assist with disasters far away begin? What motivates the Israelis who are involved and so deeply committed?With his characteristic intelligence and passion, Yotam addresses this and more.

Enjoy the conversation and this inspiring leader.

Fauda, Tehran, The Jews are Coming and more … a conversation with Natalie Marcus.

Natalie Marcus is a highly acclaimed, award-winning, screenwriter and director based in Tel Aviv. For the past 10 years, Marcus has been a writer and show runner in Israel’s highest rated, comedy, satire, and drama series. Marcus is currently writing for the 4th season of Fauda (Netflix) and the 2nd season of Tehran (Apple TV).

Marcus is the creator and show runner of the acclaimed historically themed sketch show The Jews are Coming, winner of the Israeli Academy Award for the best entertainment show. She joins us this week to speak about Israeli TV and culture, and her role in this extraordinary slice of Israeli life.

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