Sitemap - 2021 - Israel from the Inside with Daniel Gordis

For the winter of 2022 ... the Winter of '73 becomes the Winter of '2003 (a Jewish-Arab "duet")

Time for Israeli theocracy? Some people think so

"The winter of '73"

The "New Haredim": Who are they, and will they shape the future of Haredi life?

The end of the IDF as we know it?

The flourishing of Jewish & Israeli culture in the arts

Is Iran about to undo Zionism's very purpose?

African asylum seekers in Israel: they‘re out of the news, but what‘s happening with them?

Was there really a Hanukkah miracle?

Is Israel a Democracy or a Theocracy?

Is Israel a Democracy or a Theocracy?

A land where students still want to think

"Road to Recovery" - Israeli Jews and Arabs Assisting Palestinians on their way to Israeli medical care

Why is the word "democracy" not in Israel's Declaration of Independence?

Mekudeshet -- Jerusalem's Season of Culture (public version)

Mekudeshet -- Jerusalem's Season of Culture

"The unraveling of American Zionism"

A vision of Judaism renewed in the Jewish State: A profile in rabbinic courage

The state of the Jews has become the Jew of the states

Human Trafficking in Israel: Getting better, or worse? And why?

When "unprecedented times" are not-at-all-unprecedented

An Israeli Arab educator sees a bright future for Arabs in the Jewish state ...

"You're only here by mistake. Ben-Gurion should have thrown you all out."

Israel's "Gravest Moral Stain"? Rabbi Avidan Freedman

Israel's "Gravest Moral Stain"? Rabbi Avidan Freedman

On the anniversary of the Qibya calamity

Alone even here? Israeli authors in the international market

Did the Begin Doctrine Just Die?

Is Poland‘s new law limiting restitution really anti-Semitic?

Is Poland‘s new law limiting restitution really anti-Semitic?

A country of intersections ...

Tifferet Oryah: The Shabbat Project


A War with No Name: the ongoing shadow of the Lebanon war …

Of prison breaks, then and now

A moment of new beginnings ...

Israel as Villain: How that image emerged in America and why

The five most important things that have happened to the Jewish people in the past half century

Israel's Controversial Nation-State Law

There but for the grace of home ...

Partnership Through Education: Daniel Gordis in conversation with two leaders of "Hand in Hand"

Partnership Through Education: "Hand in Hand," A network of Jewish-Arab shared schools

Forego the Jewish State to save Liberal Zionism?

A Kinder, Gentler Orthodox Rabbinate

Might a gold medal not be his only legacy?

Progressive American Jews and Progressive Israelis—A young Israeli activist on how they're fundamentally different

American Jews and Israel: Shifting Sands, Again?

The "Un-Jews" — a controversial new term and what it means

The Bearable Heaviness of Being (Alone)

When the Kotel becomes a weapon ...

A land of milk and honey ... and dread

The Jewish-Arab violence of May 2021 - a view from East Jerusalem

"Over the honey, over the sting"

"They sounded the horn and all the people shouted, 'Long live ...!'”

A shared area code, a divided city

How Thomas Jefferson and a Conservative Rabbi helped write Israel's Declaration of Independence

Is trauma one of the defining foundations of Israeli society? [PUBLIC version]

Is trauma one of the defining foundations of Israeli society?

"He's the son of all of us ..."

"Should we continue to live here?"

She’s a “settler,” she’s Orthodox, and in the army, she created a program to assist Israeli Arab soldiers

The Altalena - sections of the chapter from "Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel's Soul"

"No Civil War with the Enemy at our Gates"

Shirley Pinto Makes History

Murder on the Tel Aviv Beach ...

He's a passionate Zionist, he's Orthodox and he's a founder of "Breaking the Silence"

The National Liberation Movement of the Jewish People

When the Shofar echoes ... in ways we might not expect

What if we cannot keep living in Lod?

"Just a pile of Rocks"

When your neighbors turn on you with rage ... and violence.

Is Bibi Out? It's far from clear.

Picture the Protesters — They're Worth a Thousand Terrifying Words

The Sheikh Jarrah Evictions - The Legal Issues Behind the Headlines

The latest battle in the War of Independence

What was Hamas trying to accomplish?

What if there's never going to be peace?

When Hamas is not our biggest problem

What the fires don't mean

"Israel from the Inside" is about stepping outside the echo chamber.